Friday, 2 March 2007

The toaster will be online soon

I was reading this article last night, and given the content of todays MBA talk about utility billing based on live feedback from meters, it seemed appropriate to post it - despite the fact that the article itself dates back to 2001.

The gist of the article is that everything will soon be on-line. I have to say that the fact the toaster could be on line is what stuck in my mind!,1282,42104,00.html


the Hooded Hound said...

I'd just settle for a reliable internet connection for my computer. Why would I want an online toaster?

Just so BT could f*ck that up too perhaps.

pc said...

BT are the bane of my life. For various reasons, I have grown to loathe them.

Completely useless...if I could switch to NTL where I live I would (even though they are terrible too, I believe) and would even consider switching to Sky if it wasn't for the megalomaniac at the helm.

Caught between a rock and a hard place? You bet. T'was ever thus.

Medway Ox said...

Having read this article it's interesting to note the latest health scare I heard today - that WiFi technology could be bad for your health!

Personally I have my doubts as the frequencies being used would seem to be less likely to be harmful that your mobile phone and most health risks with them get overstated. However, if we went down the line of this article and had everything in the house run by a computer and wireless technology it would surely have to be considered.

hmatt said...

I agree wise Ox of the river.

Add to that all the RFID in everything we will buy, and so forth and their (potentially baleful) influence grows again.

hmatt said...

BTW - For one of the advantages, why not have a look at our colleague's hippy ramblings.